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“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

                                                                                                                                                                          – Peter Drucker 

BIMLab is an architectural planning and BIM (Building Information Modeling) specialist for AEC and design industry. We offer our clients the best services in architectural planning and design, 3D modeling, drafting, and rendering using the best tools and practices in the AEC industry. Our practice and experience offer related solutions covering all aspects of 3D BIM modeling, clash detection, constructability, analysis, quantity take-off, time, and cost estimation (4D and 5D). We extensively use Revit as a BIM process supporting the application and profound with all the methodologies and functionalities in it as a BIM tool. At BIMLab, we put a high mark on quality, precision, and professionality and believe in working in full cooperation with the project design team. We specialize in various types of AEC projects including residential, retail, offices, industrial and more. ​

Daniel Palatnik
Founder & BIM Manager

Practicing on a daily basis in Autodesk Revit with a variety of projects including industrial, laboratory, commercial and residential buildings. My work includes architectural planning, permissions and building approvals, architectural supervision, BIM, complex family creation and coordination clash detection.

The main platforms and software I use are : BIM360, Revit, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, AutoCAD, Enscape Render, Twinmotion, Dynamo and more. 

After graduating Practical Engineering with a specialty in Architecture and Interior Design, I’ve been working as a planner and office BIM Manager in the leading design firms in the country such as Mochly-Eldar Architects in Haifa and OK-A Architects in Tel Aviv for several years, establishing my own company BIMLab afterwards.

Natalia Jojua
Founder & Architect

Since my childhood, I was always fascinated by architecture as an art of creating places where people can live, eat, work and play. Today I am a passionate architect with a focus on sustainability, renewable energy and reduced ecological footprint. M.Arch in Architecture from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Member of Georgian and Israeli Union of Architects. More than ten years of experience with residential, commercial, public and healthcare projects in Israel and abroad. Qualified to lead the process of creating functional spaces from concept and design to a full realization of those designs.

My goal is to bring together the creative ideas and visions of the client and keep in mind the needs of those that will be using the new space.

After working for years as an architect responsible for daily design and technical development of projects at Architeck design studio and Mochly-Eldar Architects, I have established BIMLab.
The main platforms I use for my work are: BIM360, Revit, AutoCAD, Enscape Render, Photoshop and more.

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