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Building Design

Professional and efficient development of new construction or renovation plans that successfully resolve a client’s space planning and design requirements. Providing all necessary documentation on each stage of the project starting from programming and conceptual design up to construction supervision. Our services include space utilization, functionality, pre-design analysis, and site selection and studies according to the client’s needs. In addition, we provide illustration rendering and 3D design modeling as part of the given project.

Site Planning

Development of site plan options showing boundary lines, potential development boundaries, building location(s), pedestrian access, sidewalks, parking, landscaping, lighting, surrounding context and other features.

Feasibility Study

A report outlining options for potential solutions to a stated project goal, for example, change of use for an existing structure. Includes basic drawings or sketches explaining the solutions based on a client's needs.

Creative, Artistic & Technological Design

Imaginative, functional and aesthetic solutions to a client’s stated needs. Assistance with envisioning new, creative solutions to problems that have been difficult to solve.

Interior design

Professional and experienced services that include concept design development, space planning, preparation of construction documentation (drawings and specifications) as well as finishes, materials, and furniture selection. The final scope of services is based on the client’s needs and criteria.

Space Planning

Graphic study showing arrangement of spaces, room layouts, and activities making up a floor plan. Studies will show room dimensions, shapes, number and types of spaces, and relationships (adjacencies) for all desired spaces. Multiple arrangements can be developed and evaluated for efficiency and functional success.


Production of drawings and permit applications necessary to submit for zoning or building permits. May include formal presentations to review boards or informal negotiation with regulators, zoning/planning administrators, fire marshals, and other officials.

BIM Project Management

BIM is a new tool that plays a significant role in project management. It can be considered as a managerial tool rather than a technical one on construction projects. This viewpoint is the result of a comprehensive definition of BIM. What BIM really does is different from what a set of software does. Similarities between the role of project manager and BIM on construction projects necessitate some more considerations such as having a clear understanding of the BIM concept and enough knowledge and experience in project planning processes.
We offer our BIM project management services to help the design team to plan in advance the right goals for the project in order to achieve the right progress from the team members and get the exact Level of Detail (LOD) at the right time. We take all the necessary factors for the project implementation and completion, categorize them and use them to turn the BIM environment into a productive and collaborative one. Our method assures the best results by constructing a specific set of preferences for each member of the design team.

Autodesk 360™

Autodesk BIM 360™ is a cloud-based construction management platform that improves project delivery and outcomes. BIM 360 supports informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle for project, design, and construction teams.
We advise on BIM360™ as the best collaborative platform for successful BIM project management.

Project Database Management

BIM project possesses large amounts of data and this data is what makes those projects so information-rich. Since one of the main purposes of BIM is basically data transfer between different parties within the project, it’s no surprise that BIM data in general plays a big role in the overall process. BIM data is what makes BIM projects so information-rich, and this data is also used to determine potential clashes and problems, among other benefits. One of the main aspects of a successful BIM project is its database efficient management. Therefore, to assure usability of this data, the project BIM manager plays a key role in establishing project standards for all project participants.

BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

The success of any BIM project in great part is down to developing an effective BEP. It is defined as a plan prepared by the suppliers to explain how the information modeling aspects of a project will be carried out. The plan is a direct response to the Employer's Information Requirements. The aim is to ensure that the design is developed in the line with the employer's needs and the employer is able to operate the completed development effectively and efficiently.
We provide project-tailored BEP as a part of our BIM project management services.

Coordination and Collaboration

BIM coordination is a process that facilitates the collaboration between MEP engineering, structural engineering, and architectural plans. One of the main goals of BIM coordination is to reach productive collaboration by combining the efforts of different disciplines within a particular construction project. BIM coordination deals with multidisciplinary models, which are the collection of the different models in one place, helping to look for the clashes and other problems. Some of the model types that can be included in the multidisciplinary models are:
• Interior architectural model
• Mechanical services model
• Prefabrication model
• Structural model
• Exterior architectural model
• Landscape model
• Electrical services model
BIM coordination is a complicated process and a lack of communication between project team members can be crucial. Therefore, we see the project BIM manager as a mediator, helping all project participants to “sit down at the negotiating table”, which will lead to more efficient collaboration results.


MEP coordination is a practice of collaboration of three major design teams, which are Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems. These are fundamental components of any building and are a large part of the total cost of the project. Therefore, MEP coordination is one critical activity and an important part of a well-designed project.
We use a BIM-based approach to detect and highlight clashes between these disciplines by synchronizing building MEP systems.


We offer our model clash detection services using Autodesk’s Revit and Navisworks to help the AEC team in speeding up projects by identifying clashes between several models during the design stage itself, helping to eliminate chances of multi-level design changes which can result into budget overshoot and delay in project completion time.

Architecture-Structure Coordination – Design Coordination

Coordination of Architectural and Structural BIM models is an important part of project design coordination. It is essential to have a well-coordinated building model in order to perform MEP Coordination. The BIM-based approach during design coordination enables better collaboration between an architect and structural engineer so that they could share comparative data and necessary interdisciplinary information with each other.



We offer our architectural BIM modeling services using Autodesk’s Revit in creating digital 3D models that include data associated with physical and functional characteristics which provides realistic 3D visualization.


We offer our MEP BIM modeling services using Autodesk’s Revit in creating all various system including HVAC duct and pipe works, plumbing and fire-safety pipe and sprinkler systems, electrical trays and equipment, communication systems and more.


We offer our landscape and site BIM modeling services using Autodesk’s Revit in creating accurate 3D models according to the planners design.

Revit family modeling

We offer our Revit family modeling services that focus on creating basic parametric or complex customized families based on client requirements. Our services include the creation of BIM family library for architects and engineers, as well as building product manufacturers and fabricators for their product model catalogs, accessible and downloadable from websites.


We offer our structural BIM modeling services using Autodesk’s Revit in creating Concrete and Steel structural elements.


We offer our transportation & roads BIM modeling services using Autodesk’s Revit in creating coordinated parking and road models including ramps and safety accessories in great accuracy.


We offer our safety & signage BIM modeling services using Autodesk’s Revit for creating specialized views and models according to the project safety demands including fire zones, escape routes, calculating shelter and safe zone distances, placing signage for accurate visualization.


We offer conversion of 2D CAD, PDF or hand-sketched drawings into 3D Revit models using Autodesk’s Revit platform. We can further expand 3D models to 4D-time planning and scheduling, 5D-quantity take-offs and cost estimation offering. Level of development up to LOD-400 / LOD-500.

Rendering Services

Realistic 3D Rendering

We offer our realistic 3d rendering services to provide the clients and AEC design teams the best realistic images of their project. Our tools include Vray, Enscape and Twinmotion to get the best result needed.

Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

We offer virtual & augmented reality services to help our clients and AEC design teams to get inside the project using the best and latest technologies for presentation and coordination purposes and experience the work in a whole new virtual way.

Real-Time Rendering

We offer our real-time rendering services for the client and AEC design teams to get a free walk-through in their project, using your mouse and keyboard, explore the project in its different stages like it's a video game!